Sunday, November 18, 2012

Protecting Your Army Trick

After Level 15 you will be able to be attacked by every other player who is level 15+. Many players progress very quickly through the game by creating a large offensive force and destroying others. While effective, this method leaves you vulnerable to Raids and Sieges from other players.

Since Offensive Units have low defensive stats, a smaller Offensive army can even destroy a larger Offensive army when the smaller army is the attacker. If you do not have a strong Defensive force to protect your army, you are risking the lives of a lot of units. Don't worry, there is a little trick you can use to protect your force from being obliterated.

Protecting Your Offensive Army
Note that players under level 9 have Novice Protection and cannot be attacked by any other castle. The best thing to do is to find one of these players, preferably nearby to your castle, and request that you become allies. Next, make sure that you can communicate with them by sending them a letter.

Take the army you would like to be protected and send them as reinforcements to your new ally. Make sure to tell your ally not to send your army back to your castle and they will be protected as long as your ally does not reach level 9+.

Note: You do not have to become allies; this is only to ensure that your army is not sent back to you. This also works with inactive players under level 9.

Best Time To Use This Trick
- When you are about to be Raided/Besieged by a large army
- When you are constantly being attacked by another player
- When you want to build up your army without taking losses
- During time you won't be playing Stormfall

Problems With This Method
- Protected army is sent back to you just when you are about to get attacked
- You will not have those units to protect your resources (Keep your resources low when you have no army to protect your castle)
- Protecting castle reaches level 9+ and is vulnerable to attack

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  1. Uriel Urielson UrielovicDecember 28, 2012 at 4:23 AM

    "Problems with this method: protected army is sent back to you when you are about to get attacked"

    Please explain:
    - does it mean, if I will station my army on a lvl 3 castle next to my keep and an enemy army is on the way to my home fortress, my stupid soldiers will ignore their command to stay put in safe spot and will rush home for certain death?

  2. he means that the castle you sent your reinfrocements to can recall your units as in tell your units to come back to your castle.

  3. In general the troops will stay also when you are under attack.

  4. Castle defense bonus that to count the battle?

  5. tem como transportar sapphire para algum amigo ou aliado?

  6. Its better to put your troops in the catacombs when you are not playing or about to be attacked

    1. I agree, the catacombs can be a safe place for troops. If you fall under siege you can always have an ally liberate you.

    2. or you liberate yourself with them

  7. That trick doesnt works anymore.!!!

  8. stupid trick why not just send your troops to the catacombs easier and fool proof

    1. Zeddekez Zu'l ZarendorOctober 30, 2015 at 1:37 PM

      My people, I have a question. If you send your units to the catacombs, are they 100% safe