Monday, November 26, 2012

Raiding Level 8 Battlegrounds

So I decided to raid some Level 8 Battlegrounds and post the results. It is difficult to know how much of each unit to send so I decided trial and error would be best. I couldn't find any strategies online so I figured I would make this one and players could just post their own strategies as comments.

So the first seven Raid attempts on Level 8 Battlegrounds were successful. These included Orcish Altars, Orcish Encampments and Catacombs. The last one listed here was a successful raid on a Level 9 Catacomb Battleground.

Experience: With each successful Raid I received 50 - 60 experience, depending on the amount of enemy units killed.

Spoils of War: There is a chance to gain resources/units as Spoils of War each time you Raid a battleground. In all eight of my attempts combined I gained around 10,000 total resources, 2 Wyverns, 50 Pikemen, 12 Dwarves, 4 Necromancers and 49 Silent Ones (I gained 49 Silent Ones on one Raid).

Losses: Throughout my 8 Raid attempts I lost 1 Wyvern, 4 Knights, 14 Wraiths, 208 Pikemen and 2 Paladins.

These are the eight separate Raid results:


Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 1 2 11 8 64 1
Lost 0 0 2 2 12 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 1 0 0 12 98 2
Lost 0 0 0 3 28 1

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 0 0 8 7 108 1
Lost 0 0 2 2 27 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 0 0 0 6 104 1
Lost 0 0 0 2 28 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 0 0 0 4 113 1
Lost 0 0 0 1 25 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 0 0 0 3 88 1
Lost 0 0 0 1 35 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 1 2 0 2 52 1
Lost 0 1 0 1 14 0

Dragon Wyvern Knight Wraith Pikeman Paladin
Sent 0 0 0 4 64 1
Lost 0 0 0 2 39 1

Analysis: In about half of my Raid attempts I received some kind of Spoils of War. The best units I received were 2x Wyverns, 4x Necromancers and 49x Silent Ones (All on separate Raid attempts). I lost some Knights and a Wyvern I probably should not have sent. The reason for this is that they are harder to come by then Pikeman. They either cost Sapphire from the Black Market or you have to wait until you get enough scrolls to research their specific Lost Art. In addition to this, you only will lose around 10 more Pikemen at the cost of not sending Dragons, Wyverns, Knights, Necromancers etc..

My Current Strategy: Only send Offensive units that you can train to battlegrounds (Eg. Pikemen, Wraiths). Risk these units for a chance at gaining more powerful units from Spoils of War. As you continue to build up your army you can Raid higher level players for more resources. Use these resources to continue building lower level units in order to raid Battlegrounds.

I currently have 1x Dragon, 2x Wyverns, 5x Necromancers and I've only been using this strategy for a few days now. Note: I bought the Dragon with the Sapphire I earned from Feats of Valor, Offers, etc.

Please comment below with your questions, results/strategies for raiding battlegrounds. I will probably write an article on Defending battlegrounds as well if this turns out to be useful for other Stormfall players. Thanks for reading!

Post Your Battleground Raid Results Here! 

Thanks For Reading. Feel Free to Comment With Any Questions And/Or Comments You May Have!

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  1. Good strategy and well written. I've been screwing around with this myself and have had my large share of losses. From my trial and error I've found lev 7-9 are best as far as units lose vs units gained. Higher than lev 10 and be prepared to lose plenty of units. Even though the possible spoils are higher lev units I've found that the units lost and possibility of not gaining any isn't worth the cost.

    Anything lower than lev 6 and even if you gain units it won't be anything substantial. Overall I think it's better to raid than to defend encampments. At least in my experience the chance of spoils is much great, although the cost of defense units isn't as great as offensive units.

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. Sorry I forgot to add that I am only lev 30 so this would obviously just apply to people around my lev range.

  2. Yeah I'm level 33 currently, and I tried Raid Level 10 and 11 and lost double the amount of units I did in level 8. I think I need to wait until I can make Paladins.

  3. If your willing to risk it (and I was stupid enough to do it!) I attacked a level 10 orcish altar my losses were awful I basically lost every unit I sent but in return got 53 of each type of the mountain dwarves and 2 skull runes! (Units lost 1 of 1 dragon, 1 of 1 necromancer, 1 of 2 warlocks, 1 of 1imperial&regular knight, 1 of 1 wraith, 4 of 7 imperial pikemen, 19 of 36 regular pikemen, 1 of 2 imperial paladins, 5 of 7 regular pikemen.) After that I sent all my defensive forces to a lvl 10 presidio and in return got 2 dragons and 6 griffins. So take that for what it's worth. Currently lvl 35.

  4. @blackbriar: u said ure loss was awful but u almost sent none.... 36pikemen?? no paladins??? and even lvl 35 lolololololol

  5. what i would like to see is a chart that will show how mant troops to send based on the lvl of bg .. i send troops win the fight take losses and get nothing for the spoils of war

    1. I think as you level up you need to hit higher level targets on the basis can't get candy from a baby :)

    2. You can download a battleground calculator for the game. Just saying

  6. It could be interesting to know if you have the same losses by defending a lvl 10 village with 200 dwarves or with 1000 dwarves ... does the shear number allow to mitigate the losses or does it increase it ?

    1. Yes it does matter. If you send way more than needed you lose more. Not sure why it works that way but in my experience it does. (Currently lvl 71) For a while I kept a spread sheet of what was sent and what it encountered and what I lost. That is when I found out that sending too many can hurt you. I did finally get my losses down to 15% on a regular basis. This was before all the current changes this year.

  7. you will never get spoils of war from back to back BG's I normally raid high level till i get spoils, then I will raid 1-2 low level and go back to high so I get spoils on higher BG's.

  8. Nice article. I would like to see Pikemen vs Paladins. I wonder like if like 1 Paladin = 5 Pikes or something like that... It seems like you have to send a TON of pikes to capture and you lose half of them. :(. I have also been experimenting with upgrading my units but it's slow and the increases seem small at the moment (level 6 is my highest).


  9. Wraith Pikeman Palidin
    Sent 4 60 1
    Lost 3 43 1

    Spoils of war
    Gold 1536
    Iron 1847
    Food 2601
    Paladin 43

  10. The lower lvl bgs is much sacrificing going on and many times it is a chance to win or a chance to lose on the bgs. The best returns is when you get to lvl 25 bg then lvl 30 bg. once you get up to lvl 35+ you have the best returns on almost every raid. I would suggest lvling up your arts to lvl 20. this will help you reduce loss on bgs. If you follow the quest modes on lvling your arts you will get free troops and an extra 50xp. I am currently lvl 51 and a Captain.