Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Defending High Level Battlegrounds (11, 12 & 13)

So I decided to take a risk and see how far I high I could go defending Battlegrounds. I also had to complete these for quests and I had a lot of archers and dwarves to spare...

Tower of Mages Level 11

Losses: 84 Archers, 65 Dwarves

Spoils of War: 2x Skull Runes, 9x Barbarian, 3x Knight

I would say I came out ahead since I can't make Barbarians or Knights yet and I have a lot of resource income to make Archers and Dwarves. I'm currently at about 670 per hour for each type of resource.

Village Level 12

Losses: 96 Archers, 71 Dwarves

Spoils of War: 2x Skull Runes, 4x Griffin

I came out ahead again in this battle even though I lost more units. I'll take 4x Griffin for 200 low level units. No Problem! Griffins are the best defensive unit in the game currently (Especially against Dragons.)

Village Level 13

Losses: 192 Archers, 106 Dwarves

Spoils of War: Small amount of resources, 2x Skull Runes, 1x Necromancer, 3x Golem

Ehhh, this was definitely a loss for me. Golems are alright and Necromancers are pretty good, but I only got 1. I think I need to send higher level units to defend next time (Eg. Golems, Barbarians).

Fell free to share your Raid Results Here. Thanks for reading.


  1. May I ask the Research levels for your archers & dwarves in the reports above?

  2. as above i would like to know what levels they were geared to pls

  3. Not a bad trade for what you got though

  4. That sounds like 2-3 days of preduction to fight one combat. Granted, its nice to have the high level units, but if you ever use them, you have an equal chance of loosing them too. Even more saphires to buy and revive.

  5. Honestly, not high level battle grounds, I was hoping to find things closer to my level of 25-30....

    1. yep, those are low level bgs

    2. 25 and 30? Wait until you get to 90!

    3. not sure why only up to 13 is listed in "high level BG's"; am hoping for advice on level 45 and up please and thanks

    4. what about levels 45+; what best to send and what rewards?