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There are many Settlements scattered across the forest and plains that you can conquer. Citizens of each settlement you conquer will pay you tribute in Gold, Iron, Food or Sapphires. You can collect resources from conquered Settlements once every hour. Make sure to reinforce your conquered Settlements with defensive units to hold off enemy armies.

How To Conquer Settlements
To conquer a Settlement on the Map you must first build the House of Lords and the Eagle's Nest. The House of Lords allows you to organize your Settlement conquest missions, while the Eagle's Nest allows you to find new Settlements.

Scout out a Settlement with Silent Ones to see if you have a strong enough army to conquer it. Next, attack the Settlement with Offensive units. Once successfully conquered, send Defensive units to protect your new settlement.

More About Settlements
Depending on the type of Settlement, it will pay you tribute in either Gold, Iron, Food or Sapphires. After you've captured a Settlement, its inhabitants will begin to collect Resources to pay you. You can claim them from your Keep once every hour. If you don't collect their tribute for more than 12 hours, the excess resources will rot away.

It will be more difficult to defend both your Castle and your conquered Settlements as well. However, the risk may be worth the reward. The choice is up to you!

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  1. hi i had a food settlement it ran out i,d like to find another but when i go to eagle's nest then settlements it doesnt show anything WHY?

  2. Hey I'm getting the same message, "No Settlements detected within range of the Eagle's Nest". I guess the creators of Stormfall will let us know when they make more Settlements become available.

  3. hi there can anyone tell me ...if i get one settlement and keep him for 6 hours without collect resources , and after those 6 hours some1 beat me and take settlement from me , i get any resources ?

  4. Unfortunately you must collect the resources while you own the Settlement. You cannot collect after someone has taken the Settlement from you.

  5. Do you have any specifics on the events of the training tree? Do you have information on how it constructed?

  6. You might mention that if someone sends a raid on your settlement, you do not get a warning that a raid is on the way like you do when they attack your castle. So if you can't catch your enemy's army at home (because they hide it when they see a raid coming) you can catch them by surprise if they own a settlement. Unfortunately, you may only take out their defense, and they may come back at you with their offensive army. Isn't this game fun!?

  7. Are you able to recall your units that you're capturing on the settlement if you see another? If so, how do you do it or do you have to wait until it runs out before you can capture another

  8. what happens to the uncollected resource from settlement in case of it is taken by another player, is the resource wasted?

  9. how do you increase number of settlement you can own

  10. can some1 tell me plz which units and how is the best defense for settlement.