Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Wraiths are units that do not cost any resources to summon and they don't consume any food per hour. In addition to this, Wraiths can carry more resources than Pikemen during Raids. You may summon up to 3 Wraiths every day by yourself. You can also call upon your friends and Allies to help you summon more (Up to 50 total). To do so, simply click on your Crypt and click "Summon Wraith".

Note: Friends can come to your Castle and click on your Crypt to give you more Wraiths. Click on your Friend's Crypts to remind them.

Unit Type Off/Def Off. Infantry Def. Calvary Def. Occult Units Def. Bestiary Units Def. Carrying Capacity Food Cost Per Hour
Wraith Infantry Off 50 60 60 60 60 40 0

Unit Type Speed  Time Building Lost Arts Gold Iron Food Sapphire
Wraith Infantry 120 mph 0 min Crypt - 0 0 0 0


  1. do you need to click on your friends "summons wraith" each day, i am not real sure how this works.

  2. Hi all,
    I was wonderin if there is a bug with the game as I am not able to summon any wraiths in my town or my friends. Could someone please outline step by step on how to summon so I may double check,I might be something wrong.
    Thanks in advance everyone

  3. Hey guys,

    To summon wraiths you have to go to your Crypt (Green looking building). You will see a purple orb that will say how many Wraiths you can summon. If you haven't summoned wraiths for a day it will say "3 of 3" within the purple orb. Click "Summon" on any 3 friends. After summoning them, you will see the Wraiths in your Keep.

    1. Thank you, can you help a little more? When I hit the first "Summon" on a friend, this FB box comes up a whole bunch of friends in it, asking me to choose who to invite. Even if I pick three, and hit send, nothing further happens : it still says 3 of 3, and there are no wraiths in my keep. Help!

    2. This is how t worked for me>To summon you need to join a League then when accepted you would be able to. You visit your friends castle (Must be facebook friend not just friend in game) go to his crypt and you will see a skull on top. Click on and its done. You may do it 50 time a day to one per friend i.e. Hope the helps. BTW the other summon which you can do 4 per day and get loads of FB friends that are not playing the game, I believe it does nothing only invite them to play.

  4. But you cannot summon any other way?(I don't want my friends to know what I'm doing for hours at a time).

  5. It just takes a few seconds to summon them. You can turn off Stormfall notifications to friends in the settings area on Facebook.

  6. Hi,

    I have the same problem, I have never been able to sumon any wraith since the begining

    Could you please explain how to proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. So how do you summon your 3 daily free wraiths? Do you still need friends in order to summon those 3 free ones also?

  8. Yes each friend allows you to increase your maximum number of wraiths by 1

  9. so basically it is useless unless you can get your friends on fb to join and play?