Thursday, December 6, 2012

Raiding Other Players Guide

So What Is Raiding Exactly?
When you put your mouse cursor over another players castle you will see a bunch of different icons. The one that looks like a money bag is the icon you click when you want to Raid that particular person's castle.

After clicking the Raid icon you will choose which units and how many of each unit you want to send to battle. Once you send your units you will see a timer letting you know how long it will take your forces to reach the enemy castle.

Note: The further away the other castle is, the longer the trip will be for your units. The same goes for the return trip of your forces.

Once your forces reach the enemy, they will engage in battle. If the total Offense of your force greatly exceeds the Defense of the enemy forces you will successfully Raid your opponent. Both sides will usually lose units if there is a substantial defending force.

You can store up to 10 total Raid attempts at any one time and you will receive a new Raid Attempt every 2.5 Hours.

What Is So Great About Raiding?
When you raid another player you can take as many resources as your army can carry (Total Carrying Capacity of attacking army) up to a maximum of 50% of that player's total resources. You will also receive experience points (The more units you kill the more experience you will gain). The best targets are those without much of a Defensive army and a large amount of resources. High level inactive players tend to be the best targets as they have no Defense and a large amount of stored resources.

How Can I Raid Others Effectively and Efficiently?
I wasn't very good at raiding when I first started playing and I lost a lot of units for no reason. Here are the 3 best steps to Raiding another player efficiently and effectively, with minimal unit losses.

Step #1. Spying - Before any raid attempt you must first scout out your target. If you haven't checked it out, I strongly suggest you read this Spying Guide first. Spying will save you time, resources and units. I guarantee it!

If you have a decent army size I would suggest Spying on players a little bit below your own Castle level. For example, if you're level 20 try to Spy on Level 17-19 players. I'll reiterate that inactive players are the best targets especially when they are around your target level (Usually the higher the level of the player, the more resources they will have stored).

Step #2. Choosing A Target- The perfect Raiding target is A. Close To Your Castle, B. Has No Defense, and C. Has A Lot Of Stored Resources. If you cannot find a perfect target, make sure the target at least has enough resources to even make the Raid worthwhile. Also note that the location may not matter if you won't be playing or defending at that time.

Step #3. Sending Your Army- If your target has a lot of Defensive units it is usually better to find another target. However, if you must attack them, make sure to send a lot more of an Offensive force then they can defend against. If you do not send a strong enough army you will basically be wiped out.

Finally, make sure your attacking army has enough Carrying Capacity to take 50% of the enemy's total stored resources. In the example on the right I saw that I needed at least 7,075 Carrying Capacity to take the maximum amount of resources. Unfortunately I only had a large enough army to carry 4,440 resources. I am currently building up my army so this will not happen anymore.

You should use this article as a guideline when Raiding other players, but definitely use your own judgement as well.  Make use of your ten Raid attempts each day to obtain extra resources for yourself.

As you continue building your army you will be able to Raid multiple players at once. The better you get at Raiding, the faster your castle will grow and the stronger you will become. Good Luck Raiding!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with any questions, concerns or insight!

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  1. You might mention a paragraph on "who NOT to raid". It is always wise to note if your target is a member of a league. Many, if not most, fellow league members will retaliate on a raider who has taken out one of their comrades.

  2. if you raid a member of a league, not only would the league go after you, the league's allies can do that too. If you are a member of a league and you raid someone who is a member of an allied league, you'll probably be kicked out and you'll face waves of raids. (I know. My league recently went after a rogue player. His league kicked him out and he really got nailed with wave after wave of raids.)

  3. How do we report a player who is obviously tampering?

  4. Raiding will definitely get players to quit the game. I have about 10 good farms now becuase the players quit building units, although I run into the occasional stack of archers.

  5. I keep receiving only a few hundred resources on my raids, despite sending nearly 30,000 carrying capacity and raiding inactive castles with 15,000-30,000 of each resource. I'm on first couple raids, so I know I'm not even close to the 50,000 limit. Can anyone explain why this is?

    1. I have the same problem - I always spy on Lord before I send my army and I never raid a castle without enough resources and the same thing happens - I never take more than a few hundreds despite having around 15 000-16 000 resources in the castle.
      I've done some research and I found out that one cannot take more than 50% of the maximum warehouse or barn capacity of the raided castle, but I just cannot believe that a player 15 levels below me will have such a large warehouse and barn capacity and that early level (21). There is something wrong imo.

    2. I't's related to the maximum storage capacity. Let's say that your Warehouse and Barn can store 50k resources from each type (around lvl 17-18). If those are full, you will be able to take maximum of 50%. If someone already raided and the resources are at 50% of capacity then you will probably take none.

  6. Hi!
    I thought I should write something about a strategy I have called "follow home".
    Now, if a player is setting up a raid against you, then of course you either hide your forces in your catacombe, or you do as we used before the catacombs came up, you reinforce a low level castle.

    But if you want to PUNISH the attacker FOR his/her attack, then you do as follow:
    FIRST, send spis to check out the defence of the attacker. Anyway, your defence is quick enough to reach back to your castle before the attacker hits you.

    Now, when the attack is coming, exactly 1 minute and 5 seconds before it hits you, you go to the catacombs, and recall your offence units. You will use approx. 10 seconds to do so.
    When you have recalled it, then go to the castle immediately push the raidbutton on the attackers castle, and send your army against him(her)just seconds after the attacker has returned.
    If you do so, you will "following" him home, and it is guaranteed you WILL find someone there, when you knock on their door just seconds after they came home.
    Then you might be able to crush ALLtheir offence, due to that they havent got time to hide it! You also take their res, AND their defence.

    I use to do it this way. I am a lvl 47 in the asshole league, you can find me one the map at -3660 ; 910.

    Feel free to drop in with comments in my letterbox, if you feel for it.

    Remember, my advice is for sure not suitable to everyone, but if you are in the situation that this could be done, you WILL sure enough punish your opponent!!

    Have a nice game!

    Tor of Miklagard
    If this isnt overwelming,

    1. Few issues with your theory:
      1. He can recall with saphires
      2. He can have a greater speed than you
      3. He can sent armies in catacombs within a second. So 5 seconds is quite long considering that the 2 points from above doesn't count.

  7. You can not take more than 50% of their resources with ya

    1. lf the Castle has already been raided to its limit by other players. or the amount of Resources in Warehouse is less than 50% of its capacity. the Raider will get 5% of Resources stored in Warehouse at the time of the Raid.


  8. You actually take 47.5% of the maximum around of resources the player can hold. So, if a player has 2000 gold, iron, and food, you'll be able to take 950 of each.

    2000 x .475 = 950

    I find this to be a solid number and works in all cases. Another popular cap for smaller vacant player cities is 2551. When I loot from these cities, I get 1212 from that resource.

    2551 x .475 = 1212

  9. The resourses you can get is also limited by 5% of their total resourses if he has his stacks below 50% capacity. That is a not lesser detail.

    The follow home tactic is well known, and it is most of the times a great idea. Yet you have to take into consideration the speed of your army. Check out his slowest unit, and how much time it takes his army to get home so you have the correct timing. ;)

    paladin UY

  10. yea but i spyed on someone that had 50k of each resourses and when i raided him right after with a lot more that 50k of capacity raid i only got like 500-1000 of each resource.. Why is that ?

    1. read previous answers - this has already been addressed