Thursday, December 6, 2012

Offense Per Total Resource Costs (Pikemen vs. Paladins)

So I took the Offensive stats and total resource costs of Pikemen, Imperial Pikemen, Paladins and Imperial Paladins. By dividing the Offensive stats by resource costs we can find the most efficient way to obtain Offense among these units.

Initially we see that Pikemen actually have a higher offense/resource cost ratio than that of Paladins (Assuming that all resources are equal in value). However, in my own experience I found that Food is less valuable than Gold and Iron. So if we take just Gold and Iron into consideration the Pikemen ratio would be 0.71 versus the Paladin ratio of .82; Meaning that you get more Offense for your Gold and Iron with the Paladin.

Overall it can be seen that the Imperial Paladin has the greatest Offense to Resource Cost ratio. Although you have to take into consideration the cost of the 4 Sapphire per unit.

Unit Off. Gold Iron Food Sapphire Off./Gold Off./Iron Off./Food Total Offense/ Total Resources
Pikeman 40 90 150 60 0 0.44 0.27 0.67 1.38
Imperial Pikeman 40 27 45 60 4 1.48 0.89 0.67 3.04
Paladin 60 100 270 150 0 0.60 0.22 0.40 1.22
Imperial Paladin 60 30 75 45 4 2.00 0.80 1.33 4.13

Paladin Pros:
- Upgrades are more valuable on Paladins (60 * 2% = 61.2) then they are on Pikemen (40 * 2% = 40.8).
- Paladins can carry more resources when raiding
- Paladins have double the movement speed of Pikemen

Pikemen Pros:
- It takes a while to get the scrolls needed to make Paladins (Divine Blades)
- Faster training time per unit (5 Minutes vs. 8 Minutes)

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with any questions, concerns or insight!


  1. Hey buddy

    Interesting blog, however you're mistaken here with your calcs. Pikeman ratio for gold+iron/attack is 6, Paladin is 6.17 which means pikeman is cheaper.


  2. The biggest problem here is the notion that food is equal to gold, let alone iron. Almost everyone I know has surplus food. I manage to keep mine at reasonably low levels only because I have been very conscious of the low need to upgrade one's farms. Try something: look at the market. Notice how little iron there in the 0-1000 range? Frequently, there is little to nothing iron in the 0-500 range. I frequently sell iron for twice as much gold. I can also sell, say, 400 gold for 600 iron, but as you can see it's not as good. As to food, I try never to sell it. Even if you give 2 pieces of food for 1 piece of iron/gold, it doesn't always sell. Nor should it, as it's easy to simply upgrade one's farms if one is getting low on food. I have upgraded all of my mines to level 9, with one at level 10. I have upgraded all of my townhouses to level 8, with one at level 9. My farms? Half level 7s, half level 6s. I think I may be due to upgrade one of my level 6 farms soon, but I think you get the picture. So let's use an old world currency to describe what's going on here. Let's say that 1 iron is worth 3 pennies, gold is worth 2, and food is worth 1. If we were to use that logic, the calculations in the resource table would look pretty different.

  3. Yes you seem to be correct, ignoring Food pikemen are more cost effective, although paladins can carry more and are faster. Another problem is that Paladins cost a,ot more food than pikemen too.

  4. Simple, for 1 iron, you can get 2 gold and 2 food. So, add a column for True Cost in Iron, divide gold and food by 2 and you will see that Pikemen gives you more offense per iron. 5.6 iron per offense vs 6.6 for Paladins. So, Pikemen are cheaper and for the same amount of resources, will give you more offense, but not my much. 1 iron/off more for Paladins, but twice the speed.

  5. anyone care to do this kind of math for the entire tree of units?