Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skull Runes & The Obelisk of Power

You may notice that you obtain Skull Runes after you level up and upon completing battlegrounds. The further you level up the more Skull Runes you will be given as you progress.

Skull Runes Per Level-Up
Levels 16 to 30 = 2 Runes Each Level-Up
Levels 31 to 60 = 4 Runes Each Level-Up
Levels 61 to 75 = 6 Runes Each Level-Up
Levels 76+        = 8 Runes Each Level-Up

 In order to use these Skull Runes, you must first build The Obelisk of Power to access the Rune Tree. The Rune Tree allows you to place Runes in order to get certain upgrades for your units. When you first start you must use two Skull Runes to unlock Unit Set 1.

As you progress down the tree, upgrades will successively take more time to complete. In addition, you will have to unlock the previous upgrade before going further down the tree.

For example, before you can unlock Dwarf Speed you must first get Pikeman Speed to Level 8. The same goes for Pikeman Speed, with its prerequisite being Archer Speed Level 8.

Note: You can be upgrading at the Obelisk of Power, while completing other tasks at the same time.

The last thing about Skull Runes is VERY IMPORTANT. In the top right corner in the Obelisk of Power you will see an "Edit" button. This will allow you to remove your Skull Runes and redistribute them for free. However, this can only be done ONCE. After the first time you click Edit it will cost you more and more Sapphire each time you want to redistribute your Skull Runes. Make sure you plan out your Skull Rune allocation carefully.

Thanks For Reading. Feel Free to Comment With Any Questions And/Or Comments You May Have!

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  1. what is that unlock unit group II thing? doesn't do anything for me:(

    1. It unlocks the unit II speed. Just that

    2. I think it should do more than that perhaps allow units to fight in groups combining their strength especially since it has different levels and such I think its moronic that I have to buy two levels of unit group that does nothing just to unlock the next tier of rune casting one should be sufficient in all honesty since it does nothing else.

  2. My Obelisk of power now has a skull floating over it. What does that mean?

    1. You have a skull rune avaible, use it

  3. they are making graphics improvements

  4. It means that you can apply a new rune. Once the time for the application ends, the skull will appear again. Depending on whether you have other runes to use.

  5. i'm upgrading dwarf speed, now at level 15, but my dwarfs still only go at 6.3mph.

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  8. You can get continuous resources from a siege... What are you guys playing? Go to your keep after a successful siege. Click on "Garrison" and you'll see your swinging forces in one of the rows. After occupying the enemy for a while you'll get an option there to collect resources (gold or iron). It takes 4 hours to start collecting, and 12 more to fill up what you an take, but it equals 1/4 of their total haul on that resource. I have 3 drives I've held for 5 days so far. I collect 200 gold/hour, 62 iron/hour and 46 gold/hour from each respectively. I harvest 2 times a day when they are full and receive roughly 2,500 gold and 750 iron. That's what sieges are for guys.

  9. Ok, the ONE thing that I would like to know is:

    IF you Redistribute the RUNES.... do you STILL have to adhear to the section about having the
    pre-requisits of 8 runes or does it NOT allow you to break that pre-requisit ????

    THank You!!!

  10. Replies
    1. Discovery Speed makes researching Hidden Lore faster.

  11. most things in this game dont work - they just want you to pay

  12. What is "Hidden Lore"?

  13. How do i build the obelisk of power