Thursday, January 3, 2013

How NOT To Raid

Alright so basically this person just finished the Uninvited Guest Quest and decided to attack me with his forces. He attacked me 3 times and really did not gain much except for some resources and experience points. I just want to show you guys why this is not really a good use of units.

The first Raid consisted of 3x Dragons 11x Wyverns, 81 Paladins, 45 Knights and some other units too. I didn't really have many defending units, except for 187 Level 13 Nomads, but I still managed to wipe out half of his attacking army.

He took out around half of my army, but only came away with a small amount of resources and 151 XP. If his goal was to wipe out my army he should have just chosen to besiege my castle instead.

After this first Raid, he decided to Raid me again. Note: I wasn't online at this time, but if I was I would have spent my store resources and used the Protect Army Trick.

The second Raid came shortly thereafter and in my opinion he gained even less this time around.

After the first Raid he should have seen how many units I had. Then he should have built up some more offensive units before attacking me again. Instead he just sent whatever remaining army he had immediately after.

He lost a lot more of his army, but only gained a little bit of resources and 75 XP. After this battle with little gain, I would have assumed he wouldn't attack again until later.

I was wrong.

You can see from the time of screenshots and the size of his army he attacked me again soon after the second Raid. This time he barely had enough army to do any damage and he failed to Raid my castle.

Overall he sent his entire army in 3 Raids and all he gained was about 250 XP and some Iron/Food. He did take out a lot my defending Nomads, but with my resource production I can build them back up a couple of days.

When you are deciding whether or not you should Raid someone, first make sure the Raid will be worthwhile. Read my Raiding Guide if you have not already. Generally when I Raid someone I make sure there are enough stored resources that I can steal.

Feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.


  1. Iv played for about 10days now, and i dont see any point in building defense army at all... you need like 10 times more def than atack army to be useful at all... i also never leave any def army in my castle, if someone raids me il rather let them take few thousand from me than waste 10times that on defense army that i would lose to like 10knights... reason for that could be that im mainly focusing on my economy and productions than building army. Nice guide tho

  2. 3 defender griff kill 1 attacker dragon
    1 attacker dragon kills 11 defender dragon

    i think defender army the most important thing in this game;)

    1. you just typed why i dont see the point in deffending... 3 griffins are so much more expensive than that 1 dragon taking you 400resurse... thats why i always spend my resurse and never have any army in my castle

  3. Yeah I get your point Ivan. Building a large offensive force to Raid with allows to to progress much faster through the game. Defense is not really worth it especially when you are a low level castle surrounded by higher level players.

  4. Defense is necessary if you want to keep settlements..

  5. I think having a defensive force at home can somehow scare people away... since there's always empty castles like Ivan's to raid with 0 loss... well.. only when they spy before raid tho

  6. The experience earned shown is what you got, not your attacker. His experience gained was the units of yours he killed, and not shown to you. What they cost in food per hour is how much xp they are worth. So a spy is worth 4, nomad 2, archer 1, and so on.