Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 Ways To Get More Sapphire

Sapphire is the most valuable resource in Stormfall. You can purchase powerful units, resources, castle defense and scrolls for lost arts. The appearance of your castle can even be changed for a large amount of Sapphire.

Some Stormfall players may not know how to earn Sapphire. Here are the five different ways to obtain Sapphire.

#1. Leveling Up
Each time you gain enough EXP you will level up and get some Sapphire and Skull Runes. You can level up relatively quickly up until about level 25. I found it best to save this Sapphire to purchase Dragons and Griffins. You can always use the Protect Your Army Trick to protect these units until you build up enough defenses within your castle.
#2. Quests
Quests will usually reward you with EXP and units. You will also get Sapphire sometimes from certain quests that you complete. Be sure to complete as many quests as you can; they will allow you to progress through the game much more quickly.

#3. Settlements 
Once you build the House of Lords you will be able to locate Settlements. Conquering and defending Sapphire Settlements will allow you to collect Sapphire once every hour. Note: Sapphire filled Settlements are usually the most difficult to hold since all players want Sapphire.

#4. Rankings
Players each week will earn Sapphire for being on top of the rankings list. Categories include raiding, besieging, battlegrounds, offense and defense. This is the most difficult way to obtain Sapphire if you are not a high level player.

#5. Special Offers
In my opinion, free offers are the best way to gain Sapphire. There are usually movie clips you can watch for 15 - 30 Sapphires each. In addition, you can complete free online surveys for up to 300 Sapphire. Personally I have had more luck with the movie clips than I have with the surveys. New/Special Events are usually the best offers you can complete for Sapphire.

#6. Purchase
As a last resort you can always purchase Sapphire for actual money. This is really the fastest way to get Sapphire if you have the money to spend. The latest discount I saw was 3000 Sapphire for $10 (USD).

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  1. Dá para transportar sapphire de um amigo/aliado para outro?

  2. I haven't found any special offers. Can u send a link?