Friday, January 4, 2013

Beginner's Guide

The number of monthly active Stormfall players has risen by almost 2 Million over the past few weeks. For this reason I thought it would be good to write up a beginner's guide for all new Stormfall players. I'll talk about things I wish I did differently and how to progress quickly and efficiently through the game.

Overview: So Stormfall is a RPG strategy game in which you can build up your empire and defeat other players and NPCs alike. You will have to train and upgrade units, complete quests and upgrade buildings in order to advance. You can play Stormfall at your leisure as it does not require a huge time commitment from its players.

Getting Started: When you first start out you will be under Novice Protection and no one will be able to attack your castle. You should definitely take this time to complete as many quests as possible. Quests not only serve as a tutorial for the game, they will also reward you with XP and resources required to advance through the game. You can find all available quests on the left side of your screen.

Resources: In my opinion, upgrading resource buildings is the most important thing you should do in Stormfall. You will need resources for training units, upgrading units, constructing/upgrading buildings, training lost arts etc. More specifically Iron and Gold are the most valuable resources, especially early on. I didn't really need much Food early on until I started building up an army. Be sure to check out 7 Ways To Get More Resources.

Protecting Your Units: As you continue to progress in Stormfall you will eventually lose your Novice Protection. This means that you will be vulnerable to attacks from other players. Higher level players could easily destroy your entire army in a single battle. For this reason you should really utilize the Protect Your Army Trick. I didn't know about this when I first started playing, but it would have saved me a lot of lost units.

Conclusion: By the time you reach Level 15 or so you should have a good enough grasp on the mechanics of Stormfall to create your own strategies. Researching new units in the Lost Arts area, upgrading units/buildings and completing quests will allow you to advance past your enemies. You can also read the articles here at the Stormfall Database to learn more tips about Stormfall.

I feel that the following articles are most important for newer players:
Frequently Asked Questions
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Tips & Tricks For Newer Players

Please comment below with any tips you may have for newer players. I'm sure I didn't cover it all.

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