Thursday, December 20, 2012

Build Up Your Defenses

I just wanted to give Stormfall players some advice during the The Uninvited Guest event. It is likely that many active Stormfall players will be taking part in the Holiday Event Quest. The majority of those players will complete the event and will be rewarded with 5x Dragons and 20x Wyverns. That is around 35,000 total Offensive points, equal to almost 600 (not upgraded) Paladins.

My advice to you guys, is to start building Defensive units as soon as possible. Here are the reasons why:

#1. Enemy Attacks- Other players will have a very strong offensive force that they will use on nearby players. Even lower level castles will become a threat to you once this event has ended. You must be extremely Defensive if you wish to protect your units and resources.

#2. You Won't Need Much More Offense- After completing the Uninvited Guest Quest you won't really have much need for Offense anymore. Mine as well get a head start building up that Defensive force that you will desperately need. If you are level 40 and below, it is unlikely that you can even build Necromancers, Wyverns or Dragons yet. Focus on training the most powerful Defensive units that you have unlocked and don't forget to upgrade them in the Lost Arts area!

#3. Protect Your Units- Dragons and Wyverns are extremely powerful when attacking, but are terrible at defending. For example, 1 Offensive Dragon is about equal to 11 Defending Dragons. You can see on the picture to the right that a Dragon has 1680 Offense and only 144 Bestiary Units Defense.

By the time this event ends I hope to have 300 (Level 13) Nomads for defense, which gets my defense to around 45,000. Although it's expensive I have been raiding other players to get enough resources.

I know that many players will not have enough to Defend against 5x Dragons and 20x Wyverns, so I recommend you also check out the Protect Your Army Trick. You may lose some resources if you are raided, but your units will be protected.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment with any comments, questions or concerns you may have!

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