Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stormfall Holiday Event

Stormfall recently released a Holiday Event for all players. The quest is called The Uninvited Guest and it will go on for 13 days. The rewards for completing this quest are 5x Dragons, 20x Wyverns and 4 Skull Runes. Basically the reward is almost 8,000 Sapphire worth of units if you wish to complete this quest.

How To Start the Quest/Task
Simply click on the Christmas Tree on the left of your screen and accept the quest. The game froze for me when I clicked on the quests using Google Chrome. If it doesn't work for you, try refreshing the page or try a different browser (Eg. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

How To Complete The Quest
You will have 13 days to collect 80 Christmas items for Oberon. These items can be found scattered around your castle, just as the resource tributes are. The items to look for are Christmas Trees, Warrior Penguins and Christmas Treasure Boxes.

Click on the "Special Holiday Picture" on the right to see a larger image of the items you will need to collect.

My Experience
I just started the quest today and found out that the only place to collect these is around your castle. You cannot find them at friend's castles. Today I found six Holiday items and I expect to be able to find 6 more a day for the next 13 days. Since (6 * 13) = 78 and I got 6 today, this would give me the 80 I need by the end of the 13th day.

This will make players check their castle every day for the next 13 days in order to get the rewards. Though it may sound like a chore it took me less than 1 minute to log on and collect these 6 items. In addition to this, the 5x Dragons, 20x Wyverns and 4 Skull Runes is definitely worth it. Lower level players will benefit the most from this quest, but I highly recommend that everyone complete this quest.

Also just another note; Stormfall also released the Winter Fortress that can be purchased from the Black Market if you have enough Sapphire. Just go the the Black Market, click on fortresses and you will see Frostbite for 2000 Sapphire. It will give your castle a 1500+ Defensive Bonus as well as change it's appearance.

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